Chest exercises, more toned and defined in 5 moves

Chest exercises, more toned and defined in 5 moves

The best exercises to obtain toned and sculpted breastplates and tips to avoid injuries

To impress the fairer, you need sculpted abs and well-defined pectorals. This is a lesson that we learned in full puberty and that we continue to repeat to ourselves even as adults because, girls or not, after all, we like to see ourselves in shape and our chest is the first litmus test to see if we are trained. To tone and strengthen this area of ​​the body and feel more male, a few chest exercises are enough, done correctly and without overdoing it. If the gym is your second home, the winstrol depot for sale and barbells will be your best friends and to avoid getting injuries and injuries from the haste to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, here is a pattern to follow.

Flat bench with a barbell. Load a weight that allows you to perform at least 20 repetitions and with your back resting on a horizontal bench, hold the barbell with a slightly wider opening than the shoulders. Inhale and keeping your back straight, bring the weight to touch your chest and then push it upwards, exhaling. Do not fully stretch your arms but keep your elbow slightly flexed. For best results, increase your weight gradually week by week.

Flat bench with dumbbells. The same exercise can be performed with two lighter dumbbells, to be brought up to the sternum and then push very slowly upwards, exhaling. The bench will support your back, helping you not to arch it. While the first exercise is essential for the development of the chest, this allows for greater relaxation of the pectoralis major

Both exercises can also be performed on an inclined bench, not exceeding 50 degrees. In this way, you will develop the upper part of the chest by stimulating the clavicular bundles of the pectoralis major.

Push-ups.  From military punishment to very useful exercises to develop triceps and pectorals, the pushups do not require any equipment but only strength and breath. Remember that the wider the elbows, the more the bendings will shape the pectoral muscles. If, on the other hand, you keep your elbows tight, you will work much more on your triceps (these too are very popular with girls!)

Crossed cables. To stimulate the low bundles of the bibs, dedicate yourself to crossed cables. Standing, with your legs slightly apart and slightly flexing, hold the high cables with the palms of your hands facing forward and with the arms outstretched, pull the cables up to your abdomen. Exhale as you approach, inhale when opening.

Pectoral machine. With this, you will train the pectoralis major and the anterior bundles of the deltoid. Sitting with your back firmly against the machine, grab the handles and bring your elbows forward. Adjust the seat so that your elbows are level with your chest.

Even if you are unable to attend the gym regularly, you can shape your bibs with easy bodyweight exercises to do at home, without the help of benches or tools. All you need is a mat, two 2-liter water bottles and a beautiful full-length mirror to keep track of your progress.